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ECONOMY  =  $.65 - $.95 sq ft    >15 - 30 Day Protectiion


DELUXE  =  $1.00 - $2.00 sq ft   

>60 - 90 Day Protection


ULTIMATE  (Call for Quote)     

>1 - 3 Year Protection


*Please Be Advised: Some Quotes May Include Square Footage plus Walls 

Our packages offer complete effectiveness & efficiency.  We’re proud to offer an extensive range of top tier services to an ever expanding customer base. We thoroughly disinfect premises focusing on high frequency surfaces and touch points, plus floors and walls in every room killing 99.96% of germs.  The difference is you:  Which Service You Choose Depends On How Long You Want Your Treatment To Last. 


About Coronavirus

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention has diligently release updated information to attempt to keep all of us informed against this respiratory outbreak caused by coronavirus, also coined as COVID-19, which was first reported out of China.  Due to it's deadly potential it has been declared a global pandemic.  Currently there are eight strains of the coronavirus known to humans.  The CDC encourages continual regiment of cleaning of your high touch points to minimize risks.


We are prepared to respond to your commercial or residential disinfecting needs.  Our service professionals are highly trained and skilled to exceed any of your expectations of sanitizing services.  We strictly follow all of the CDC and EPA protocols.  We go above and beyond expectations to ensure your peace of mind and safety to create an environment that's purified, clean and healthy.  There's no structure too large for us to treat. Any surface, any texture, nothing structural is exempt from our cutting edge nanotechnology disinfectant services.  There's no wiping down, drying or a need for a broom or wet vac.  We spray, it dries....FAST>EFFECTIVE>EFFICIENT.



Windows are a vital part of air purification facilitation for our photocatalytic process.  Window treatment is part of our service options.

Hard Floors

Regardless of floor type, total surface treatment of floors is crucial because of high traffic activity.


Carpets can harbor excessive bacteria but it's no match for our disinfectant processes.


All fabric can and will be treated regardless of texture and type.  Our product is safe on all surfaces.

Glass Buildings

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