Introducing LumaClean™

LumaClean™ photocatalytic coating that uses the power of light to break down viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and a number of airborne pollutants. In addition to its ISO-tested and proven air-cleaning capabilities, these coatings have strong antimicrobial properties. Independent lab test results demonstrate that our photocatalytic coatings recue microbes on surfaces by more than 99.96% including COVID-19.

LumaClean™ is great for any industry: education, healthcare, food services, hospitality and fitness. Apply it to all touch point surfaces to keep them clean. Apply it to walls and other large surfaces to turn rooms into antimicrobial air sanitizer that work 24/7/365.




How it Works

LumaClean™ photocatalytic coatings are powered by advanced TiO2 particles. This creates a hydrophilic, self-cleaning surface, reducing the need for maintenance and scheduled cleaning. It combines photocatalytic TiO2 and advances in nanotechnology to create the most advanced light-activated functional surface coatings on the market. Our photocatalytic coatings can be applied to many surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, wood, vinyl, fabric, painted surfaces, and porous surfaces. Non toxic, solvent free, re apply every 6 months – 5 years based on use. In addition it has ISO-tested and proven air-cleaning capabilities. 

The  active compound in LumaClean™ is titanium dioxide, which is a harmless compound used in many common household products such as toothpaste and organic sunscreens. It is safe for both humans and animals and is ideal for use in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, airports, and more.




Certified Installation

Our highly trained certified installation team’s goal is to make sure LumaClean™ is put in place swiftly and under conditions that maximize its potency. Certified installs optimize how long your LumaClean™ install lasts. Our team is ready to install LumaClean™ in hotels, schools, churches, medical facilities, corporate offices and more. 

A certified installation comes with a LumaClean™ certification which can be displayed. If you’re a business your account manager will make sure you get signage, so your employees and clients know you have gone the extra mile to protect their health. 














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